Twenty-nine years ago, at the age of 19, in 1989, the founder of Drive Plus Car Rentals,® Dimitris Gkiokas, felt the need to translate his love for the car into something more creative.  He felt a desire to  both  produce quality services in the strongest industry in Greece, that of Tourism, and one in which he had a great passion.


Thus, he began working professionally at a car rental company,  He soon climbed quickly and in just 3 months, took over responsibility for the company’s branch on the island of Paros.

DRIVE Plus car rentals® – Ενοικιάσεις Αυτοκινήτων

At that time, car rental business in Athens was experiencing a transition from the old tourism theory of maximising profits into the new more customer centred business. This new idea was one in which car rental companies were beginning to see the importance of creating a level of service which would place an emphasis on maintaining repeat customers and corporate loyalty. The most prominent ambassadors of this theory in the car rental industry were primarily the new generation of forward thinking young entrepreneurs!

Thus, it was the experience gained at this time working in the car rental business, which became the springboard for the then 20-year-old to open his own company and ultimately, become the recent founder of Drive Plus ® Car Rentals .

After proposing to set up a car rental company with the participation of his then employers, he decided to try and create a completely independent company, free of old ideas common practices of the establishment and their imposed strategies by multinationals in the field. With a new, customer-centred philosophy, he created a car hire company in Athens, with his partner who was a very experienced and skilled fighter in the industry, Mr. Antonis Karapanagiotis.

28 Years Drive Car Rentals

A new company in the field of car rentals with vision and high quality services to satisfy any customer!

The admirable and successful company of DRIVE Car Rentals , based in Vari, Attica, lasted 28 years, generating about 14,000 satisfied customers!

The retirement of Mr. Antonis Karapanagiotis marked the beginning of a new car rental company, Drive Plus Car Rentals ® , which brought with it a new fleet of cars, a new brand and new trained staff with a solid pledge of customer satisfaction.

A New Age in Car Rental in Athens has Just Begun!


The company Drive Plus Car Rentals,® continues working in the tourist industry and car rental business with a clear goal, vision and prospects for further improvement of services.


We strongly believe that making satisfied customers is the most effective advertising for us.  We are also committed to the optimisation of the services provided, the modernisation of the fleet of cars available and the creation of a company that looks forward to the next 20 years, and being completely in harmony and sync with the new era.


To operate a car rental business in Athens which simplifies the process of renting high quality cars, to succeed with innovative, efficient and faster operation in handover and to expand to other areas of tourist interest in Greece in the near future.


The prospects for car rental companies are generally promising and we have no complaints with Drive Plus Car Rentals.®  as we continue to successfully expand our facilities and create new collaborations across Greece and abroad.


The offices of Drive Plus Car Rentals® are within 10 minutes of Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” , which allows us to respond directly to customers arriving by air who wish to rent a car in Athens .

Direct access within 10 minutes to Ellinikon Metro Station as well as to the center of Athens and the port of Piraeus,  makes it easy to deliver and receive there.

The delivery plus system of Drive Plus Car Rentals® in places outside the company’s offices, guarantees the immediate rental of a car, without any difficulties or delays, with a SIMPLE TELEPHONE CALL!!!

Employee of Drive Plus Car Rentals®, are available 24 hours a day, at our call center, to help solve any problem the customer may encounter.

Fully specialized garages are responsible for the maintenance and reliability of our fleet cars, with regular service and checks, for uninterrupted operation when renting a car.

Our co-operation with both car washes and dry cleaning of upholstery shops, guarantees the cleanliness of Drive Plus car rentals .

At Drive Plus Car Rentals®, we strongly believe that a car rental company in Athens and surrounding areas,  must closely meet  your needs and be easily accessible.

ASSOCIATES OF "Drive Plus Car Rentals®

With a carefully selected network of affiliates in the largest tourist destinations – and not only – in the rest of Greece and Cyprus , we are responsible for your car rental and we guarantee that the car rental office that is there will justify your choice to trust the Drive Plus car rentals® in other cities, such as:





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