DRIVE Plus car rentals® – Ενοικιάσεις Αυτοκινήτων

Are you looking for a car rental for a month ? Are you going to travel for a long time, or just want a car for your daily journeys? Then Drive Plus is exactly what you need!

Contact a Drive Plus representative today and combine the privileges of a monthly car rental with the economy and flexibility of a short-term car rental .

Renting through Drive Plus offers you:

  • Special rates for monthly car rentals.
  • Select a car through the Drive Plus fleet, each class
  • Simple and fast renewal of your contract before it expires.
  • Free kilometres
  • Mixed-theft Theft (CDW-TP) with or without exemption
  • 24-hour road assistance. 24-hour communication with our call centre
  • Car Replacement in case of Damage.
  • Complete maintenance and repair (mechanics and bodywork)
  • DRIVE Plus car rentals® – Car Rentals
  • Drive Plus
  • Rent a car in Athens and Athens Airport El. Venizelos, with high quality of services, consistency and excellent service from Drive Plus car rentals.
DRIVE Plus car rentals® – Ενοικιάσεις Αυτοκινήτων